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Thats a strange interpretation of "celebrities aren't funny and no one cares about them in any capacity in any situation whatsoever"
That's not how I interpreted it. My original vision was for the onionfarms to gossip and shitflinging between countries and celebrities because even Sig found some of the crap between India and Pakistan pretty funny. I envisioned Onionfarms to be more like a community forum in discussing this subject content. Lolcow forums are more of a niche forum because of their subject matter. This is what made me decide that it might be for the best to separate the two.

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Now that Onionfarms has gone up in flames, it's nice to see @Kengle has rebounded by getting a job writing Trump's blogposts
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Cooming to fictional werewolves is so punk rock
But this was?
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You are either trolling hard (which I don't believe you have the intelligence for), or you're a mouth-breathing retard.
Ken does a large bit of trolling.
The trolling never ends at onionfarms merch store
I actually like this theme tbh. msybe its my inner edgelord
>implying than your entire mind isn't just a reflection of the edgelord archetype