Donations isn't free. Servers cost money to rent and time to maintain. However, you can help support this tumor on the internet using Brave Browser.

Brave users get a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token and you (yes, you!) can donate it to the site by clicking the purple and orange triangular icon to the right of the address bar in the browser, and then pressing "send a tip".

If you don't use Brave you can give us crypto currency.

Please email me or PM me if you make a donation valued at $10 or more so I can give you the donator tag.

  • Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash: bc1q5lmu65w0mjhau2r0ryc6jxctwgqjcsdgsx9kll
  • Litecoin: LNqr4dX3eb4BnosMWnMbmTGGsi8rGeQYJk
  • Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens (BAT, USDT, etc.): 0xAb5bA254d43bA9B6657CC01F1ba3370CE0673ae9
  • Monero: 464GanGig3MU1NesRAFNwmXSD2sBYYGHUV8dHaetemouasXWSg1LDceWgQvshUtrvZgLSk1E5RByY9ZcZQcrktRSSvs8aWQ
  • Oxen: LCuCbYS1LCu6tTnVDqxYCd77hM5inQwY9MyEqfo1fQ5kCDtQrfxWxH2fhztKhvtpmT69CfL8h9VCx3v8HjxbEcjJ1WTgtjo